“Sometimes insanity is the only way.”
Displacement is a first-person action-horror game in the setting of alternative near-future history. Mysterious and dreadful events take place on the isolated station.

Our team of talented developers are working on creating our own game concept - Displacement.

We are looking for investors and publishers who can help us bring the game to a full release.

The scene is an isolated station, where mysterious and violent events take place. The game focuses the immersion into true madness experience through game mechanics, narrative, and script. While running away from his troubles and fears, the protagonist finds himself stranded alone with the unknown terror. In this enigmatic frozen land, he will have to explore his darkest selves just to live through the cold, solitude, and unspeakable violence.

We are sure that this game will delight all fans of action-horror and will be a real challenge for those who are not afraid to face real horror. If you are interested in investing or partnering, please contact us to discuss cooperation opportunities and get more information.